Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Procurewise a next-generation VMS?

Procurewise is leading the next generation of talent acquisition & management. With our cloud-based SaaS platform, organizations can clarify contingent spend and procure talent efficiently while receiving complete visibility into their workforce. Integrating with any ATS and HRIS, Procurewise offers end-to-end solutions for contingent staffing, direct sourcing, and SOW services. A flexible, powerful, and user-friendly VMS, Procurewise empowers staffing firms, corporations, and MSPs with tools to manage their suppliers and contractors to acquire the talent they need at the market’s best price.

What is Total Talent Management (TTM)?

Total Talent Management is a labor-management program in which companies proactively engage, acquire, and manage all kinds of talent—i.e., both employed and non-employed workers. Companies using TTM programs regularly deploy both contractors and full-time employees to meet their talent needs.

Benefits of Total Talent Management Programs include:

  • Tight control of labor costs. Labor has always been the #1 expense for companies. Today, 60% of companies are outsourcing labor to cut these costs, and 80% of companies are planning to implement a more flexible workforce in the next year. Why? Because a flexible workforce can save up to 70% of labor costs.
  • Direct access to skilled workers. Last year, over 50% of companies reported major talent shortages which affected their productivity. Implementing a more agile workforce gives you the freedom to hire experts, consultants, and skilled on an ad-hoc basis. This flexible model allows organizations to fill skill gaps as needed, without taking on the extra burden of a salary.
  • Mitigated risk & streamlined compliance. 60% of companies say that a significant driver for implementing total talent management is risk mitigation. Worker misclassifications and other legal issues create huge problems for companies, costing nearly $3 billion / year in the US alone. By leveraging the visibility total talent management programs provide, companies shield themselves from these risks as they can see who is doing what work on their projects.

How do Procurewise and Ceipal help organizations achieve TTM?

Together, Procurewise and Ceipal create a Total Talent Management program. Seamlessly integrated, the Procurewise and Ceipal solution enables companies not only to access today’s top-tier talent—but it also helps them create a private talent pool to ensure a continued stream of skilled workers. Leveraging artificial intelligence to source full-time and non-full-time employees, Procurewise and Ceipal consistently deliver the best workers to your organization at the market’s best price.

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