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Procurewise, a VMS platform by Ceipal, is an AI-powered, flexible, and scalable total talent solution enabling you and your MSP with user-friendly technology and tools to automate management of your extended workforce and ecosystem.

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Procurewise Spend Matters Coverage

Procurewise has expanded with solution capabilities that allow [them] to cover some larger gaps in the VMS and Total Talent markets. It is a breath of fresh air to see a solution provider that is working to tackle some of the bigger challenges in external workforce management for recruiting and hiring.

Research Director, Spend Matters

The unique combination of recruiting software that covers all types of hiring — from internal to external and extended workers — puts this untraditional VMS in the growing market of software providers that offer solutions for a company’s end-to-end hiring needs in a single technology (Unified Total Talent).

VP of Research, Spend Matters

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How Procurewise Works

From contingent staffing to services procurement and resource management, including direct sourcing and workforce diversity, Procurewise can be configured to work exactly as you do.
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Procurewise has increased recruiter productivity, grown annual cost savings, and reduced time-to-fill rates for some of the biggest systems integrators and enterprise solution providers in the market today.

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