Data Backup Policy

Procurewise Data Backup Policy

By accessing or using Procurewise, you acknowledge and agree to be bound by this Data Backup Policy. You are responsible for all actions that are performed on or through your Procurewise account, including any procurement or use of third party products or services (and associated disclosure of data) in connection with the cloud product. If you have been added or invited to a cloud product, the party that administers such cloud product (and not you) controls your use of that cloud product, including but not limited to adding or removing You from that cloud product, enabling or disabling third-party integrations, and managing permissions. Any content that You submit or upload to the cloud product may be retained, accessed, used, modified, shared, or removed by the party that administers such cloud product and their appointees. You acknowledge that your Procurewise account is subject to the limited rights granted by You hereunder, and We acquire no right, title, or interest from You or Your licensors under this Agreement in or to Your Data. This includes any intellectual property rights therein.

Procurewise conducts regular data backups as part of its service offering to clients to protect from data loss or data migration. Procurewise also performs data enrichment for clients for faster searches, quality search results, and to provide data integrity using its advanced parser algorithms to all active clients. We do not control, retain, or have a title to store data from third-party websites. The functionality is at the sole and express choice of the customer, which are further detailed in our Privacy Policy.

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