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Spend Matters: Procurewise Vendor Analysis

A new report from Spend Matters, the world’s largest information source for procurement and supply chain professionals, has released an updated PRO Vendor Analysis on Procurewise and its extended workforce solution. The new report consolidates the initial 2020 Spend Matters analysis with this year’s update.

Procurewise’s extended workforce solution, which is built on a state-of-the-art, API-open technology platform, addresses enterprise requirements to source and manage staffing and non-staffing contingent workers as well as SOW services. It provides direct sourcing capabilities, and it is aimed at “total talent” scenarios. The solution appears to leverage some Ceipal technology platform components for at least direct sourcing, where AI enables talent sourcing — a unique, special twist to this solution.

This Vendor Analysis provides a high-level analyst perspective on Procurewise, including a business snapshot; overview of the platform, solution and supporting services; competitive market overview; and key analyst takeaways.

Key findings include: 

  • One property that separates the Procurewise solution from legacy VMS contingent workforce solutions — and places it categorically with the new breed of extended workforce solutions — is it being a unified platform for sourcing and managing any type of extended worker
  • Procurewise offers clients three different sourcing pathways: Temporary Staffing, SOW-Services, and Direct Sourcing of other contract workers (including recruited candidates)
  • Procurewise is the only standalone DEI solution offering on the market that companies can either use via Procurewise VMS or pair with their own internal ATS or VMS solutions
  • While Procurewise is still relatively new in the external workforce space and can easily integrate into a total talent ecosystem, it is continuing to expand and has finalized a few case studies with clients to show the tangible benefits its one-stop-shop VMS, ATS, and DEI solutions can provide

To read the details behind these findings, view and download the full report.

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