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How Technology Determined the Staffing Industry’s Winners and Losers During the COVID-19 Pandemic | Industry Report

A new report based on data gathered from the Ceipal & TechServe Alliance IT & Engineering Staffing Dashboard reveals a clear link between technology and business success through navigating COVID-19. The report, “How Technology Determined the Staffing Industry’s Winners and Losers during the COVID-19 Pandemic” identifies which technologies were key to success during the pandemic contraction and through the economic recovery.

“While many of us in the industry postulated that technology would play a pivotal role in the survival of staffing organizations through the pandemic, this study is the first to use empirical data about business performance and the adoption of HR technology to prove its critical role in terms of both, economic survival and recovery through the current crisis,” said Ceipal’s Chief Marketing Officer, Peter Velikin. “Based on these compelling results, we can offer three strong and now proven strategies for success within the talent acquisition sector: automate manual tasks whenever possible, invest in business process improvement, and prioritize technology adoption.”

Key findings include: 

  • Companies that employed business process improvement technology, recruitment automation, and mobile staffing apps performed almost 25% better than their counterparts on average
  • Firms that leveraged marketing and engagement automation technology performed 37% better than competition that did not rely on automation
  • Recruitment Automation such as AI-powered candidate matching and ranking, AI-managed resume harvesting, passive candidate sourcing, and SMS and VOIP integrations enabled firms to improve recovery performance by 36% compared to their counterparts who did not

To see the details behind these findings, view the full Press Release here or download and read the report.

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