ProcureWise + CEIPAL, the industry’s only AI-powered unified total talent platform, have teamed up to provide vendor management and applicant tracking technology to a U.S.-based global enterprise solution provider.


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Global Enterprise Solution Provider


Our client, a $120 million U.S.-based global enterprise solution provider with 2,200 employees, offers a wide range of IT consulting, staffing, and managed service provider (MSP) services. On-demand access to talent and effective management of flexible workforce is vital to their success. Realizing a critical need for both world-class applicant tracking and vendor management technology, the client turned to ProcureWise + CEIPAL, the industry’s only AI-powered unified total talent platform.

The ProcureWise Impact

4 Hours Time-to-Submit
90% Decrease in Admin Burden
20% Increase in Recruiter Productivity


600+ Annual Placements/Offers
$18M Additional Annual Revenue


Complex Problem

The organization was using disparate systems and manual processes for talent acquisition and sub-supplier management – including job posting and distribution, candidate sourcing and evaluation, onboarding, workforce management, and supplier governance. Inefficient processes for project resourcing and staffing for clients were a drain on recruiter productivity and cost time and money.

Operational challenges were significant, given the client’s operations across eight countries, serving more than 100 Fortune 500®/Global 2000® clients, and managing thousands of talent requirements annually through more than 400 internal recruiters and 70 suppliers. Moreover, the implementation had to be planned and transition executed without business disruption to our client and their clients, with minimal time and cost to implement.

Seamless Solution

ProcureWise + CEIPAL designed and deployed a seamless solution to recruiters, account managers, program teams, suppliers, and other stakeholders of the firm without disruption to existing business activities and processes. Tailor-fit to the client, the solution integrated with other technology and tools in place, following the highest required security standards and protocols. Built in the cloud and engineered with open APIs, rapid implementation and complete integration was accomplished without lengthy IT processes or extensive costs.

Total Talent Platform

Combining advanced VMS + ATS capabilities, ProcureWise + CEIPAL enabled Recruiting, Sales, Program Management, and Operations to connect with clients, suppliers, candidates, and workers, to collaborate across one, easy-to-use, AI-powered unified total talent platform. Every aspect of talent acquisition and delivery requirements for clients and projects were easily and effectively managed through the platform, as well as administration of the workforce on assignment and governance of suppliers.

More than 5,000 candidates from suppliers are processed annually, with significant improvements in staffing performance

Transformative Tools

With over 150 integrations – including recruiting, productivity, and social tools – the organization was able to digitally transform its end-to-end recruiting process internally and for contingent workforce programs under management. The firm now has a fully integrated total talent ecosystem. Intuitive and easy to use for all stakeholders. Safe, secure, and scalable, with new code and updates to continually innovate and meet ongoing and new technology needs to gain and sustain competitive advantage in their global competition for clients and constant battle for talent.

Business Outcomes

The ProcureWise + CEIPAL program yielded immediate measurable business results. Process efficiencies driven by automation and AI – from one-click job postings to AI-powered candidate sourcing, ranking, screening, and selection, and automated onboarding – enabled recruiter productivity and enhanced sub-supplier engagement. Visibility into processes with advanced business intelligence through at-a-glance dashboards and analytics, provided actionable insights, data-driven decisions, and informed governance.


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